Exploring The Self is a book project about Self-awareness and personal growth.


It is based on my experiences from 2018 - 2019

when I began my new life in the US - a fresh and completely new environment for me.


I was excited, lonely, curious and helpless.


I put aside doubts and fears and seek out new experiences in a new place.


Then, I was surprised by myself. 




I opened a gate to a new world.


The same world could be totally different when your perception is freed from the routine and comfortable ways of seeing and being.


I believe that is one of the unique pleasures of being a human.


I sincerely hope that more people can have this remarkable experience,

especially the people who are unsure of what they want and who they want to become.


I believe that the path to personal growth begins with improving your understanding of self.


It will be my great pleasure if these illustrations inspire you to find your own unique and wonderful path.

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