Youth coffee festival

Client: Sparrow Design Studio


 Illustration for Series Posters

Winner - 62th Society of Illustrators Award

shortlisted - Communication Arts Award

I was invited to design a series of illustrations

for the Beijing Youth Coffee Festival and an Excellent barista -- Mr. Xi.


It consists of a conceptual illustration, a portrait, and a letter in a series.

有幸受邀为 北京咖啡青年节以及著名咖啡师——喜叔 设计系列插画。

由一张概念插图、一张肖像、一张字母 成一系列。


- The World of  Coffee -

In an interview with the barista, Mr. Xi, he said: "The barista is the bridge between the customer and the coffee.


I used this as inspiration to create a world of coffee.


-- Coffee beans can be seen faintly in the texture of the mountain, and there is a mysterious space door in the mountain, implying the mystery and the huge coffee world behind.


Pouring down from the top of the mountain is a waterfall of milk that falls on the water in the shape of a heart-shaped latte.


Mr. Xi is rowing the boat and leading the viewers into the world of coffee.


An hourglass floats in the picture, hinting at the importance of time control for coffee.


"Coffee beans taste best the second week after roasting."


"Every cup of coffee needs to be consumed in the optimum time. "


- 咖啡世界 -




“ 每一杯咖啡都需要在最佳的时间内品尝完。“

喜叔 拷贝.jpg

- Mr. Xi -

The popular barista, Mr. Xi, wears a classic American retro style from head to toe,

However, for the coffee and customer, Mr. Xi always devotes extra consideration and meticulousness,

and this is all reflected in his eyes.

- 喜叔 -




- C -

After reading a lot of articles about Mr. Xi, I seized on "Care", which features of him that different from other baristas, as his keyword.


When he serves customers at a coffee shop, he always offers more than just coffee.

I depicted Mr. Xi's recognizable hand holding a cup of Flat White while the coffee sprouted like a potted plant being well nursed.


"C" also stands for Coffee, and the pronunciation is similar to "xi",

thus connecting care, Coffee, and Mr. Xi together.

- C -

我描绘了喜叔极具辨识度的手,握住一杯flat white,而咖啡像受到照料的盆栽一样发起芽来。

喜叔 拷贝.jpg