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What are we talking about when we talk about beauty?
Consumption, vanity, uselessness, something shelved and staying away from life.

The mediocre use glitz and rhetoric to decorate their weak and empty hearts,

The Talents treat the booming world with sharp and evasive words and deeds.

Yingde, Guangzhou, New York, Shanghai...
Going to somewhere else for half of my life, realizing that the above is not the truth.

If possible, I would like to talk with you about spring’s ideal dreams and daily necessities,

occasionally complain about the weather, and retrace eternity and supremacy as usual.
If possible, I would like to talk to you about everything about beauty and make it ordinary every day.

If possible, I would like to have a peaceful place elsewhere, often accompanied by clear sky and fireworks, and dreams accompanied by cicadas chirping.

“Emerging illustrator, digital artist, traditional painter, visual player,
A wanderer far from home, an intermittent traveler, an atypical thinker.”

Before all these possibilities come true, I accept all my given labels that flow above appearances, Thanks for the one-sided attention in the future and in the past, anyway, I will always create.

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